Who we are

Andrea Stieff found her life’s work in the Yellow Pages in 1980. Her career in florals began at a local design school, where she learned the basics. After apprenticing with a great team at Flowers & Fancies , then a boutique events firm, she started her own business in 1984. That small, special events business, turned into Andrea Stieff Designs. After countless events and some wonderful adventures, an injury led her to seek another outlet for her creativity. In 2003, she and business partner Karin Chriss started BosomBuddyBags which grew into a nationally recognized brand….Meanwhile Andrea developed a serious obsession with Christmas, ask her how many Christmas trees she had at one point (200+!)… all this led to commercial,private label holiday design which continues till this day.
When asked what her career is she’ll say she does design and product development in the seasonal category,or more simply,” I Make Wreaths and stuff for Christmas”. When asked what her hobbies are ,she’ll answer “I make wreaths and stuff for Christmas!”.
After a lifetime of making, doing and learning her craft, Andrea has begun teaching and spreading her love of all things holiday. Join her for a hands-on workshop and learn how to create your own holiday decorations or purchase one of her creations for your home.

About StieffCo

StieffCo was formed in 2005 after Jim Stieff’s long career at Kirk-Stieff / Gorham/Lenox. Jim specializes in importing and product development. Andrea came on board as a seasonal designer in 2009.
Today, StieffCo, is Jim Stieff, Andrea Stieff and Kelly Fox. The team does seasonal product development for multiple international companies.
On a local level, we sell overstock components and one-of-a-kind decorations through various outlets.